#WinePairingWednesday – Steaks

When you think of steak you think red wine every time, right? In most cases that works but depending on the spice, white wine or bubbles might pair better. For this #WinePairingWednesday we’re going to look at two AdapTable Meals steaks and see which wines pair with each. Garlic Butter Steak – garlic pairs best … Read More

#SpiceSpotlight: Orega-know

Did you oregan-know that for thousands of years, oregano has been used to not only to flavor food dishes, but to also to treat health conditions? This herb is part of the mint or Lamiaceae family and is sometimes known as wild marjoram. The name ‘oregano’ is associated with joy and happiness. The name comes … Read More

What is Santa Maria Style Seasoning? Here’s What To Expect

What is Santa Maria Style Seasoning? Santa Maria Style seasoning can transform your meat into a dish filled with flavor. In our Adaptable Meals Santa Maria Style Pork Roast, we use chili pepper to give it that extra punch when it hits your palate. The style of ‘Santa Maria’ originally came from the Santa Maria Valley, … Read More

Get To Know Parsley: “Spice Spotlight”

The name ‘parsley’ comes from the Greek word petroselinon, meaning ‘rock celery’ due to its ability to grow on rocks. Parsley is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and has been harvested for over 2,000 years. Parsley not only tastes good but is known to be one of the most beneficial things to add … Read More

Three Totally Non-Turkey Tips For Post-Thanksgiving Meals

So, are you sick of turkey? If you are like we are, we’ve got some ideas for you. As your focus shifts from cooking and spending time with your family to searching out the best Black Friday deals, we have some advice for you to make mealtime simple and delicious — and notably, turkey-free. Crack … Read More

Don’t Join The Takeout Crowd Pre-Thanksgiving

“The day before Thanksgiving means travel, traffic — and, for many families, takeout,” writes Food Network’s Sara Levine. “Cooking another meal the night before the impending feast isn’t high on many of our priority lists, which explains why the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest pizza nights of the year across the country.” With … Read More

#AroundTheTable: The Perfect Nachos for a Football Watch Party

College Football and NFL are back in action and we are here to help you take your watch party eats to the next level. Nachos are always a crowd pleaser, but Adaptable Meals Smokey Mesquite Pork covered nachos are a surprise your friends and family will be raving about. The best part? It’s easy to … Read More

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