Three Totally Non-Turkey Tips For Post-Thanksgiving Meals

So, are you sick of turkey? If you are like we are, we’ve got some ideas for you.

As your focus shifts from cooking and spending time with your family to searching out the best Black Friday deals, we have some advice for you to make mealtime simple and delicious — and notably, turkey-free.

  • Crack Open the Crock Pot: While you’re out with the crowds shopping on Black Friday, start your meal prep by getting a slow cooker going. If you’re starting your post-Thanksgiving shopping when the store opens early, you can set your AdapTable Meals to low on the slow cooker, and in 10 hours, your main course will be ready. Of course, if you want to wait and take a more leisurely day at the mall or your favorite department stores, you can choose the 6-hour option with the high setting on your slow cooker, and your meal will be ready when you get home.

  • Shift to Beef or Pork: If you’re tired of turkey (or tired FROM turkey, thanks to that tryptophan), make beef or pork the centerpiece of your family’s Black Friday festivities. Some good options to totally shift the mood from Thanksgiving are our Mesquite BBQ Seasoning Cooker Ready Beef Roast, or our Carnitas Cooker Ready Pork Roast. Each with hints of chili pepper and chipotle pepper, you and your family’s taste buds will experience something totally different from their meal the day before. Plus, you could pull some of those great leftover sides to join the new meal.

  • Taco Tuesday on Black Friday: Here’s an idea — make Black Friday evening into a Taco Tuesday night. After you slow cook our beef or pork roast, try our taco meal idea for a treat the whole family will enjoy (it feeds seven people). Our roasts are pre-cut and cooker ready, making the process as easy as pumpkin pie. Grab some tortillas, your favorite fixings and you’re ready to go.

Have a great idea for a post-Thanksgiving treat using an AdapTable Meals product? Let us know!

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