#SpiceSpotlight: Caraway

The term “caraway” dates back to 1440 and is considered to be of Arabic origin. Caraway is used for a variety of things, from rye bread, folk medicine or even in desserts. It can be found throughout all of Europe except the Mediterranean. The caraway plant prefers warm, sunny locations and soil that is rich in organic matter.

Caraway is loaded with fiber, iron and calcium. Some people take caraway by mouth for heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite and other digestive problems. It can also be turned into an oil used to kill bacteria in the body and promote digestive health.

The caraway plant has finely feathered leaves on its stem, which makes it similar in appearance to plants in the carrot family. The main flower stem is tall and has small white or pink flowers and caraway fruit (seeds) hanging off of them.

Caraway seeds are aromatic and give a subtle licorice hint to whatever dishes they’re added too. Caraway seeds or powder are commonly added to soups, desserts and a variety of meats. Caraway has the ability to enhance desserts and adds an earthy taste and a hint of citrus and pepper to meat of all kinds. Specifically, pork and beef.

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