Tips For How To Freeze And Thaw Pork

Did you pick up some AdapTable Meals products, but then realize you can’t eat them all within the time frame before expiration? Don’t stress – you can freeze them - and thaw them when you’re ready to eat. Here are some helpful tips for how to freeze and thaw pork products, including with your pork chop and roasts from AdapTable Meals:

When freezing:

  • Roasts, chops and tenderloins can be wrapped in freezer paper, heavy-duty plastic bags or heavy-duty aluminum foil for up to six months.

  • For chops, you should put a double layer of waxed paper between each.

  • For roasts, you should always freeze the pork roast whole.

  • For products in roll stock (anything without a tray) can go directly into the freezer without needing to be repacked. This limits any type of cross-contamination.

  • Make sure your freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

When thawing:

  • Never thaw meat at room temperature. For example, your kitchen counter is NOT safe to use for thawing.

  • Instead, here are some thawing options:

  • Refrigerator thawing: place pork product on a plate and store it on the lowest shelf of the fridge, to prevent dripping (or cross-contamination). You should allow at least 24 hours for roasts or larger items to thaw, while for smaller items, you should plan to wait 2-3 hours.

  • Water thawing: place frozen meat in a sink with cold running water, large enough to submerge the full product. It’s important that the water be kept running during this process. This method will take a few hours, and then you must cook the meat immediately after it is thawed.

  • Microwave thawing: Use the defrost setting to thaw your meat, then cook immediately.

  • Instant Pot: With an Instant Pot, you can cook from frozen direct to cooking. You’ll only need to add a few extra minutes to your cook time while the Instant Pot comes up to pressure. After the pork is cooked, check that the internal temperature is 145 degrees using a meat thermometer.

Use these methods to ensure your meat is safely brought to room temperature and thoroughly cooked. What product are you planning to freeze or thaw – and cook? Get AdapTable!

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