What is Santa Maria Style Seasoning? Here’s What To Expect

What is Santa Maria Style Seasoning? Santa Maria Style seasoning can transform your meat into a dish filled with flavor. In our Adaptable Meals Santa Maria Style Pork Roast, we use chili pepper to give it that extra punch when it hits your palate.

The style of ‘Santa Maria’ originally came from the Santa Maria Valley, which is located along California’s Central Coast, three hours north of Los Angeles. Santa Maria is known for their wineries, breweries and of course, the Santa Maria BBQ. Santa Maria-style barbeque was born in the 1800’s when local ranchers cooked Spanish-style meats for their ranch workers. The Santa Maria-style barbecue menu was even copyrighted by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce in 1978.

To further enhance the flavor in our roast, we add garlic, onion and black pepper with the chili pepper. The Santa Maria style roast is the perfect fit with our other AdapTable Meals options — the Santa Maria roast is the perfect puzzle piece to combine spice with flavor.

Traditional side dishes that would pair best with the Santa Maria roast range from beans and fresh salsa to a tossed green salad with French bread.

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