Summer Grilling Ideas to Help You Host More BBQs This Year



It's that time of the year again when you can grab your grills, slide on your sunglasses, sip some cold drinks, and indulge in fun-in-the-sun activities! Nothing beats getting together with your family and friends, firing up the grill, and cooking some delicious meats. It's the perfect way to enjoy some good food and great company.

One of the best things about grilling is that you can cook up a storm and still hang out with your guests. No need to be stuck in the kitchen while the party is going on outside! We have some HOT summer grilling ideas, tips, and tricks to share with you that will help you throw an unforgettable BBQ.



1. Get Your Grill Ready for Cooking

Ready to have the ultimate stress-free BBQ experience? Start with preparing your grill:

First, let’s get those grates sparkling clean:

  • Aluminum foil: by crumpling a piece of aluminum foil into a ball, you can easily get into tiny spaces to clean up any greasy build-up on your grates.

  • Onion: you can remove any leftover food deposits and grease with an onion since the acidic compounds in the juice help break it down.

Next, we’ll gather all the necessary grill tools:

  • Tongs to grab and lift your food

  • Spatula for flipping your meat

  • Basting brush for glazing your food

  • Instant-read thermometer to track the internal temperature of the meat

These tools are essential for firing up your favorite meat and will ultimately remove all unnecessary effort and guesswork from grilling.


2. Prep Your Outdoor Cooking Environment

Captivate your guests with an inviting environment that sets your food up for success. To make your guests’ experience even more unforgettable, why not spice things up by setting up a stunning eating area that will leave them in awe?

Consider covering your dining table with a beautiful cloth and/or decorating the surrounding area with flowers and other plants – whatever fits your mood!


3. Elevate Your Dish with Spices and Marinades

Hosting a BBQ is your chance to create a mouth-watering feast that will leave your guests with fond memories and wanting more. With the right spices and sauces, you can turn ordinary meat into an extraordinary dish. And don't forget the marinade! Infusing your meat with the perfect blend of flavors before cooking is the key to unlocking its full potential and making your BBQ a success.

Pro Tip: Transform your cooking game with pre-marinated meats. The cooking process becomes more straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective without compromising on flavor or quality.


4. Summer Grilling Ideas: What to Make?


Make sure to plan your menu ahead of time and impress your guests with flavorful meals that are both quick and delicious!


Tasty Appetizers


Consider starting with some easy-to-make apps to keep your guests entertained. Air Fryer Pork Burnt End Nachos are an excellent option for serving your guests. It’s a quick and delicious meal that will surely impress your guests while tiding them over ‘til the next course.



To make these nachos, we recommend our Kansas City Style BBQ Boneless Pork Loin Backrib. The smokey flavors pair beautifully with salty, crispy tortilla chips and ooey-gooey cheese.

Speaking of Delicious Main Course Options...

Get ready to up your grilling game with these amazing entrees!

  • Pork Skewers with Avocado Cream: These juicy pork skewers and creamy avocado sauce are perfect for any gathering. And the best part? The recipe is super simple and takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

Maria’s-Pork-Skewers with-Avocado-Cream Pork-chops-with-seasonal-vegetables   pork-ribeye-chops-with-potatoes   grilled-steak-with-onion-rings-potatoes  
  • Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken: This scrumptious recipe features perfectly seasoned lemon pepper chicken filets that will leave you feeling content but not uncomfortably stuffed. It’s easy to make and guaranteed to impress at your BBQ!


Remember to Enjoy The Moment

The sizzling sound of juicy meats, the mouth-watering aroma of spices and sauces, and the enjoyment of loved ones all around – that's what a BBQ is really all about. So, remember to choose recipes and ingredients that let you live in the moment, relish delicious food, and enjoy quality time without any worries or distractions.

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