AdapTable of the Month Blog: Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast

It’s March, which means spring is upon us! Since spring incorporates bright colors and fresh ingredients, we want to incorporate that into all of our recipes. This month, we are highlighting our Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast. This is the perfect roast to spring you forward and get you on the right track of incorporating fresh and bold flavors into your dinner spread. Our Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast is naturally seasoned with onion, garlic and orange peel, capturing the fresh citrus flavors of spring in every bite. The great thing is this cooker-ready roast can be slow cooking all day, but if you are in a hurry, it can be on the table and ready in under 45 minutes. Are you worried the flavor won’t be the same if you don’t have a slow cooker? No need! Our roast can be cooked in an oven and the results are just the same! Cooking times may vary, but get ready to enjoy this scrumptious roast in 3-4 hours. It’s that simple! If you want Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast meal ideas, scoot on over to our meal inspiration page where you can find numerous recipes like our Cooker Ready Pork Roast Mac ‘N’ Cheese. We placed the roast in a pressure cooker to marinate all day and heaped it over creamy macaroni, mixed with a tangy barbecue sauce! We recommend making this for the family, because it makes a ton! AdapTable Meals Cooker Ready Pork Roasts are truly a no brainer when it comes to incorporating new cuts of meat into your dinner rotation. Our roasts are all natural and contain zero artificial ingredients. Interested in finding out where you can pick up an AdapTable Meals Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast? Click here, and it will direct you to stores and locations near you! Already have the roast at home? Here we have cooking instructions and nutritional information. After you cook your delicious Smokey Mesquite Pork Roast, be sure to snap a picture and post it to social media. Don’t forget to tag us, because we are excited to see what you and your family are cooking up for dinner tonight.

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