AdapTable of the Month: Kalbi Korean Style Beef Short Ribs

September is the first official month of fall and we are welcoming the changing of leaves, football season and of course, fall food. As pumpkin spice lattes begin to make their way to our hearts, this month’s Kalbi Korean Style Short Ribs will make their way to your stomachs! What we love most about our short ribs during the autumn season is that they are the epitome of a dinner staple. You must try our AdapTable’s Kalbi Beef Short Ribs! They’re full of flavor and can be ready in 20 minutes or less.   AdapTable Meals Kalbi Korean Style Bone-In Short Ribs are versatile when it comes to meal planning and making dinner time worry-free! From salad toppings and appetizers to the hero of the meal, Kalbi Short Ribs take dinner to a whole new level. These Kalbi Short Ribs are pre-seasoned and marinated in carefully crafted Korean-inspired BBQ flavors, including brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, orange, red pepper chili and sesame.   Throughout this year, there has been a huge emphasis on bringing multi-cultural flavors to the table since travel has been limited. For this fall season, cooking is shifting its focus to fusion-cuisine. The time for creativity and innovation in food is here, which means experimenting with new and exciting flavors you may not have cooked with before. Korean BBQ cuisine is growing in popularity along with protein-centric, low-carb diets, so we recommend pairing our short ribs with traditional Korean side dishes from kimchi to sesame broccoli. The flavors and side dish combinations are endless!   Korean short ribs, sometimes known as Kalbi or “Galbi,” have become a popular dish here in the States. This “flanken” style cut comes from the lower rib cage region and is a glossy dark-reddish brown color. Since Kalbi beef short ribs come from the fattier area of the cow, they are very tender and full of flavor. Typically, in Korean culture, this cut of meat is marinated in smokey, sweet flavors, braised or butterflied, then grilled. Our AdapTable Meals Kalbi Korean Style Short Ribs can be cooked in the skillet for a quick and easy meal.   If you’re looking to see where you can pick up AdapTable Meals Kalbi Korean Style Short Ribs, click here. If you’ve already picked them up, click here for cooking instructions.   After you have cooked your delicious Kalbi Beef Short Ribs, be sure to snap a picture and post it to social media. Don’t forget to tag us, because we are excited to see what you and your family are cooking up this fall season!

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