AdapTable of the Month: Smokey Mesquite Pork Loin Chops

With summer right around the corner, what better way to keep up the grilling spirit than adding pork chops into the rotation? June’s AdapTable of the Month is our Smokey Mesquite Pork Loin Chops! These pork chops are abundantly seasoned with fresh all-natural ingredients like onion, garlic and orange peel. Our pre-seasoned chops can be prepared on the grill or in a skillet in 10 minutes or less! Dinner can be on the table in no time with these pork chops. Do you want to know why we love our pork loin chops so much? They’re the perfect healthy protein to grill up and complement your plate, whether it's sitting next to starchy potatoes or resting on a bed of greens – the opportunities are endless! If you want Smokey Mesquite Pork Loin Chops meal ideas, check out our meal ideas page where you can find Melissa’s Grilled Pork Chop Sandwich. She served up this juicy pork sandwich with creamy and tangy coleslaw and a heaping side of crispy sweet potato fries! Melissa grilled the pork chops and let them sear for 5 minutes. The great thing about our chops is that they come pre-portioned, so they easily can be prepped depending on how many are joining for dinner. If you don’t have a grill, our pork chops can just as easily be cooked on the stove! Click here for cooking instructions and guidelines! AdapTable Meals Smokey Mesquite Pork Loin Chops are a no-brainer when it comes to cooking because they are family friendly, have zero artificial ingredients and contain over 20 grams of protein with every delicious bite. Wanting to pick up our AdapTable Meals Smokey Mesquite Pork Loin Chops for dinner tonight? Click here to find a store and location near you!</p? Once you decide to get cooking in the kitchen, be sure to capture a photo, upload it to social media, and tag us so we can see what you are whipping up for dinner tonight.

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